David Madson

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I signed up to volunteer for BART Director Rebecca Saltzman's re-election campaign on Monday, November 7th. Join me!

Volunteer for Outreach at BART Stations

Volunteer on Monday, November 7th, the day before the election, to spread the word about Rebecca Saltzman for BART for BART District 3. Choose a BART station and a time, and we'll deliver literature to you. (If don't have a preference of which BART station or which time, please check all or any that you would be willing to campaign at. We'll let you know where and when we need you.)

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Become a volunteer

Sign up to volunteer with the Rebecca for BART Board campaign! 

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Endorse Rebecca Saltzman for BART

Join community leaders and elected officials throughout the district in supporting Rebecca Saltzman for BART Board re-election.

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Contribute today to support the Rebecca Saltzman for BART campaign!